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A universally accepted flaw. Since the dawn of civilization, homelessness has plagued societies in every corner of the globe. Powers of greed and wealth overrule any attempt to extinguish extreme poverty. We can only hope to influence change through manifesting a brighter tomorrow by inspiring change today. Faith is all we have. 


The causes are complex. Ex-convicts who have no sense of stability post-incarceration. Soldiers who return home with no support post-deployment. Natural disasters leave families without a home, market crashes leave parents without a job, illnesses (mental and physical) leave individuals stranded in their own world, addictions leave people without a sense of direction. Fathers, Mothers, Children… The cause and effect of a single event or decision can change the course of generations; for better or for worse. 


From the slums of South India, tent-cities of South Africa, Bridge-dwellers and Cardboard-Box tenants of American cities, the perspective that we have built is founded on eye-witness accounts: “Human Rights” is a concept created to ease our own faults. 


What can we do? Ideally, the creation of a self-sufficient farming society would give the homeless a roof over their head, food on their plate, and a purpose in their community. But that’s not feasible (for some reason). At the very least, we can have a conversation. Talk to the homeless in your neighborhood. Understand their story and make them feel seen, then follow up that discussion with family and friends. The everyday individual might not be able to provide a job, housing or teach them proper agricultural techniques, but a simple acknowledgement of their existence can expand sentiment throughout the community. There is something to be learned in every interaction. 


God helps those who help. 

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