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God Bless the United States.


Banks use housing policies to redline neighborhoods and trap minorities in ghettos. Feds plant drugs and impose imbalanced policing strategies. Congress hires and ranks klansmen into law enforcement. CIA puts Nazi war-criminals on payroll... 


Media divides our society in order for corporations to conquer economic markets. Our collective attention is diverted to fighting each other, democrats vs republicans; all while the lobbyists who own both parties are setting up abortion clinics and gun stores in the most vulnerable neighborhoods. 


From the foundations of slavery to our involvement in Middle East... Countless souls have been lost on all sides. We acknowledge genocides only when they conflict with our personal interests: covering up our sins by falsely advertising equal opportunity. 


We are repeatedly told that our freedoms should not be taken for granted: ability to discuss and critique the country we live in is the foundation for justice... Until political assassinations claim American innocence. Governments are toppled, drugs are infused, Presidents are killed. JFK, MLK, Fred Hampton, Malcolm, Gaddafi, Sadam... a lengthy hit-list filled with domestic and foreign adversaries alike… 


no one is safe.  


Meanwhile, homelessness sweeps our front lines: Veterans, ex-convicts, mentally disabled, LGBT’s ... mothers, fathers, and kids alike. We send billions of dollars to fund proxy wars and ruthless dictators overseas, but never help those in need on the homefront.


Pharmaceutical powerhouses take-over and take-advantage of medical curriculum to promote capital interests: misdiagnosing treatments with addictive pills and vaccines; which are funded by our taxes, while the profit is collected and never redistributed. Instead, that money gets pumped into a prison complex where fathers are taken away from their children, victimizing the next generation of American minorities. Kids go from elementary to penitentiary. 

MONEY IS MADE WHEN MOTHERS CRY. School shooting, sex trafficking, drug-overdosing, drone bombing… These are billion dollar industries. 


All that, it’s just icing on the cake. 


We all strive to be proud of our heritage. Blaming higher-powers for detrimental conditions won’t solve any problems; taking ownership of the life we’ve been blessed with is the first step towards redemption. The courage to continue weighs heavy…

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