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To love your country...


despite a corrupted government. Respond to the call for service, not from propaganda or necessity, but from divine understanding of fulfillment and obligation: Aid and secure the citizens of our homeland rather than play pawns in proxy wars for political agendas.

Indoctrination at Boot Camp: A life in Hell brings us closer to God. A cut-throat process designed to filter out the weak and identify the capable; periodically turning young men and women into soldiers. Louder, faster, moving with a purpose. Every minute is a battle - Chaos is structured, madness is premeditated. Discipline is instilled, character is built, mistakes are made, blood is spilt, nightmares turn into reality… There is no giving up, because there is no way out. Locked into a contract with each other as we look to our side and appreciate the individuals we march with. We are now family... If ONE fails, we ALL fail. Support your fellow comrade, and carry them to the finish-line. 


We show up to perform. The standards expected to save lives and assist those in need requires integrity and confidence. Everyone has a role to play: trust yourself to accomplish your job, and have faith that your team will accomplish theirs.


Life on Water, as tranquil and meditating, can be cruel and unforgiving. We are most in need when the climate is traitorous and storms are unpredictable. Get used to short nights and cold mornings, the job never ends. Everyone is to be ready for anything at all hours: days, weeks, and months on end, the fleet moves onward. The mission varies across the country and high seas, drug and migrant interdictions to search and rescue operations. We move with intelligence and militaristic confidence. 

Honor, Respect, and Dedication to our duty will live with us forever. Legacy is engraved. 

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