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For America

Sometimes it’s a presidential autobiography, other times it’s a children's coloring book. Either way, something to learn everywhere.


The systemic issues within our educational institutions are one of the leading causes of poverty and lack of quality life expectancy. Behavioral constructs of certain minority groups today are a mere reflection of the generational consequences brought to us by racist policies introduced by a corrupted democracy. The prospect for equal opportunity is false advertising. 


The issues that shape the lifestyles of inner-city children can corrupt the potential for a reasonable life before the human condition fully forms. Every probability of danger increases; from gang affiliation to mental health deterioration,

lack of sex education and financial literacy being taught in low-income school districts create a targeted market for democrats and republicans to open abortion clinics and gun stores. 


The most revolutionary thing WE CAN DO is teach. We may not be able to dismantle the inherently flawed roots of capitalism, but there is hope in a better future through education. From the disenfranchisement of common core standardized testing to expanding the equity scope through fair-housing property tax policy, there is much work ahead. Change will be slow and steady. We hope to influence and design a gameplan towards growth for the most disenfranchised neighborhoods, so we can ALL look forward to living in a brighter tomorrow.

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