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Listen to the kids

This job has been so crazy! The things we've been through... steep learning curves and lessons learned the hard way. Laughter and connection with the students of our future. 

Navigating the relationship between change, progress, and restitution. The experience of being apart of so many families can teach a lot about how different cultures operate and protect their children. It has been a blessing to teach and serve the city that had taught me so much. 

Acknowledge the vulnerable lifestyles of those who live with disabilities, domestic abuse, and homelessness. These issues overlap in classrooms all across the nation, and educational institutes find themselves on the forefront of protecting their freedoms.


The classroom can shine a whole new light on just how rare humanity really is. Celebrating each child as they reach developmental milestones. As teachers engage children in lesson activities, read-alouds, and play, the kids synonymously teach us about patience, belief and trust. 


The family structures of the students can be inspiring and heartbreaking at the same time. Real people going through real situations, doing what they can to best provide for their kin. 


Ever-changing perspectives on race, class, and human development complicates the narrative and sets a new path for finding truth within our own existence. 


Starting with the systemic issues within our educational institutions. Academic curriculum and teaching standards that are designed to filter out students with unlimited potential within minority school districts; designed within a paradigm of behavioral constructs introduced by a corrupted society that aims to disrupt and divide communities. The challenges that shape the lifestyles of inner-city children can pollute innocence before the human condition fully forms. Every probability of danger increases: observable violence, lack of sex education, neglecting financial literacy… social and economic outcomes that translate to a criminal justice system that profits from underserved neighborhoods, resulting in the repetitive cycles of oppression. 


Revolution starts with education. The standard is to make sure ALL children grow up in world worth living. 


Two years served: 2021-2023

M.A Teaching: Early childhood and Special Education

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