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To be, or not to be?


Suicide and Murder coexist with Human Rights and Liberty. Life is full of Spectacular tragedies, played out like this generation's Shakespeare. The MOST BEAUTIFUL THOUGHTS are ALWAYS besides the darkest. Exploring the depths of our mindstate can be suffocating, the spectrum is crazy and the contrast of our dreams can be dangerous. Divine intervention in our worst nightmares still couldn’t tell us what the future holds. How to find you? Who do we turn to?? WHAT ARE WE EVEN LOOKING FOR. frighting. Enough to drive a man insane. Premeditated fate, paranoia blinds, and smoke screens. 

Even the cruelest imagination is nothing more than a mere bubble in blank space; thoughts are powerless. There is a fine line between insanity and curiosity, and a genius is someone who can surf the edge of both. We can grow from the experience of thinking about anything and everything… even if sometimes we THINK about REALLY really REALLY Bad things. living with a constant fear about what kind of person we may become if these aggressions are left unchecked. A complicated complex… Egyptian pharaoh god flow, but not allowed to say it out loud. Feds will try to discredit the social welfare we are uplifting. They gonna wanna KNOCK ME OFF my GAHDHI, but can't get to me because I DRESS LIKE ABERCROMBIE. Hilfiger, Ralph, whatever.

The misunderstood nature of the narrative. Even for those who sow their blessings and preach grace, there is no denying darkness that lives within the earths reflection. Repercussions of hate often lead to further miscommunication, but at the same time fuel a liberating foresight; Rage is a necessary weapon when fending for ourselves in a world where evil is possible. 


We  challenge ourselves to express glorious, vibrant, living things.. even in the wake of terrorism, racism, abuse, and class supremacy: Why? Because that polarizing contrast is what keeps our universe from crashing. Fulfillment of life relies on the denial of sanity and acceptance of the unknown; for all we have is the exploration of what we do not understand.

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