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Welcome to the simulation

Navigating the relationship between change, progress, and restitution. It's a spiritual war; FOR THE KIDS!

Off the grid, we acknowledge the vulnerable lifestyles of those who live with disabilities, domestic abuse, and homelessness. When these issues overlap in a classroom, educators find themselves on the forefront of freedom. Committed to fighting an impossible war against classism. Standing for the communities that need us most. 


As teachers engage children in activities, read-alouds, and play, the kids synonymously provide faculty with lessons about patience and trust. The family structures of the students can be inspiring and heartbreaking at the same time. Real families going through difficult situations, and making a difference in their life can be as simple as just showing up everyday. Offer nurturing support can make a world of difference for parents who find themselves in unfavorable conditions. The cycle of work comes back around, and we continue to witness the inequities at the core.


It’s really trench warfare, and revolution will be definitely be won out here for sure... This job has been so crazy. The things we've worked through, and to think this is just a microcosm of the whole system. Imagine how the repercussions of this instability will look like in the criminal justice work. It's  dissolute, but that's why we sign up to be a soldier on the front lines. It’s a long journey ahead, and we’ll be strapped in the streets soon: STANDARD is to make sure THE KIDS grow up in a world worth living. Win or die trying. 


Tremendous resiliency and creative expression demonstrated through conversations filled with laughter. While we understand the student’s trouble at home, we are overcome with every positive emotion when celebrating our children reaching developmental milestones. The classroom can shine a whole new light on just how rare humanity really is. 


The foundational vision we set has always paid tribute to those fighting uphill battles, but this job has opened a door to a higher state of understanding. A new perspective on race, class, and human development complicates the narrative, and sets a new path for finding truth and justice within our own existence.

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