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Our devotion to the future rests in the hands of generations that follow our footsteps. A commitment to a more inclusive tomorrow starts with reprogramming the status quo through education - which is only possible if our children live to see the next day.

COVID-19 shined a light on inequalities, both domestic and worldwide. St.Budidi had run an offseason campaign to help raise awareness of the smokescreens that have been put into play by generationally corrupted powers in an effort to raise money for a cause we believe in deeply. From cancel-culture to corporate capitalism, we made an effort to explain the false perceptions of reality that foundationally control society. The goal was to demonstrate how these issues led to healthcare inequity suffered by the vast majority during the pandemic - how the rich got richer and the poor working class had to continue risking their life in order for the fabric of our society to not rip apart. The case being made was to raise awareness and think about life beyond the COVID era, hence by helping the children through UNICEF. All of this got lost in translation, and our end result - we sounded crazy as fuck.

The connection between our “Fake News” promotion and UNICEF wasn’t necessarily direct - which in hindsight was another ideological mistake made by our tunneled vision. Still, the information we presented and the cause we supported were important to voice. We donated $500 out of our pocket to illustrate our commitment to giving everything we can in order to decrease the suffering of others.

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