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Sometimes it’s a novelous autobiography, other times it’s a children's coloring book. Either way, something to learn everywhere.

What works is following the footsteps of the past. The systemic issues within our educational institutions are one of the leading causes of poverty and lack of quality life expectancy. However, when behavioral constructs created from policy set-up in particular environments to taint the prospect for equal opportunity, the playing field will never become equal. It’s true that oppression has shifted away from racism to classism, which discriminates through tax policy, which are premeditated barriers set up against People of Color through housing policy in the Jim Crow era.

The peer/social related issues that shape the psycho-normalism of inner-city children can corrupt the potential for a reasonable life before the human condition fully forms: Every probability of danger increases; from gang involvement and drug dealing, to mental health deterioration and suicide. Everything in between can be related to the lack of sex education and financial literacy being taught in low income neighborhoods, yet those same districts are balanced with an abhorrent number of abortion clinics and liquor stores. The relation is multi-dimensional.

The most revolutionary thing WE CAN DO is teach. We may not be able to dismantle the inherently flawed roots of capitalism, but there is hope in a better future through education. From the disenfranchisement of common core standardized testing, to expanding the equity scope through fair-housing property tax policy, change will be slowww and steady. The paperwork behind the revival is clockwork. There are mechanisms in place to handle autonomous work to dictate how smooth bureaucracy runs. All we have to do is design the gameplan towards influencing growth in the most impacted neighborhood, so we can all live in a brighter tomorrow.

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