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Carolina Survivor Clinic

Summer 2018: The AKR organization at the University of South Carolina (USC) reached out to our brand for a fundraising campaign that their cultural association was associated with.

Carolina Survivor Clinic is a branch of the USC School of Medicine which presents a variety of social and healthcare opportunities for refugees seeking assistance in the Free World. Through clinical care and therapeutic programs, their program offers healing for those suffering past trauma and torture. With an emphasis on holistic care, the clinic encourages mindfulness for clients and enrolls them in appropriate programs. Medically, they treat patients comprehensively, with an emphasis on cultural humility to promote healing. Additionally, navigating complex medical systems is challenging for anyone. Refugees who do not speak English nor understand the culture have many challenges understanding medical bills and insurance. The Carolina Survivor Clinic provides medical case management and education services to promote client’s self-sufficiency.

Their commitment to educational assistance for refugee children is the key point that sold our brand to helping the cause, because we love kids! Through school tutoring, english conversion, gardening, sports, and art programs, refugee children are given the opportunity to learn, grow, and most importantly - enjoy the beauties of life.

We don’t all get to cherish the freedoms granted in our great nation, which is why it’s so important to help those seeking liberty from torturous backgrounds. Needless to say, this clinic brings attention to real world trauma faced by many children, mothers, and fathers across the globe. God brings them to America, and the University of South Carolina helps uplift their progress towards their long awaited pursuit of happiness.

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