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My rights, My wrongs

I write my wrongs till I'm right with God

Can’t pray for money, can’t pray for power. Just pray to see tomorrow.


The right to say what you want influences the right for everyone else to have an opinion on it. There are certain blessings in that freedom; the ability to believe in our own imagination to the fullest extent, so much so it becomes the inspiration for the very future we build. There are also, however, consequences of a lifestyle embedded in selfish prerogatives. Rooted in misdirection, It’s difficult to follow rules when we are the ones drawing lines in the sand. Storms wash away the distance we’ve embarked, clouding our mental windows. The challenges of living in a realm of creative nothingness; trying to keep motivation high when our worlds collide with reality.


I’ve said too much, too early. Regretful? Of course not: NOBODY can mute me - but I never said nobody can't shoot me… Words spoken and actions taken have contaminated a journey to pure enlightenment; a reflection that turns daydreams into living nightmares...


In a world that’s engineered to keep us sick, this global pandemic has ironically shined a light on the cure. While we were stuck trying to find a balance between destiny and death, grace was found in between the layers of our soul. True peace will be achieved only by helping to reduce the suffering of others in this world. A commitment towards a better tomorrow keeps us accountable.


Our religion is American culture. Community, Perspective, and Justice. Faith is found in the terrors of night, because HIS light shines the brightest in the dark.


In Christ name,


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