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Lift Yourself

To the moon!

Perception becomes what we make of our worldview. Our divine fulfillment of whatever destiny we uphold is out of our control, and the only thing we can expect to work towards is a sustainable future. Hell on earth is guaranteed to end for all of us; this planet rotates whether we are on it or not... so worrying about the dualities of life is almost worthless, the only thing worthwhile is the ability to learn from our aberrations.


The moon represents something different to all of us, yet teaches everyone the same lesson. Love and fear alike, it’s okay to disappear as long as you come back to spread your light. Coast to coast; The crescent smiles back with so much soul, the grace of all our worries disappear among the galaxy. What starts with one small step, turns into a giant leap. That's why the anthem preaches to LIFT YOURSELF: reach for the stars, so if you fall you’ll land on the clouds.


Love, to the moon and back. 

- St. Budidi


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