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Human Rights

Freedom to Influence

Universally accepted truths, made for those who have been oppressed under the systemic powers of greed and wealth. Subjective laws that attempt counter mankind's natural flaws, declared with nothing but faith in a better future.


Two years ago, our “Help-the-Homeless'' campaign took off with a goal to influence change. Through non-profit projects, we wished to manifest a brighter tomorrow by inspiring hope today. The goodness within people exists to spread kindness - be it one person, or a thousand - selfless acts are contagious. Within those altruistic actions lay the power to persuade others in believing what you represent, no matter how diverse of backgrounds we may come from.


Issues of poverty exist all over the world, originating from systemic supremacist ideologies rooted in the past. Generation after generation of families that never recover from integrated suppression. History dictates our future, so our presence of mind must move accordingly. As much as we all wish to erase bad memories, they’ll exist forever. The only way to find peace with horror is by accepting that both the negative and the positive work together in an effort to bring balance.


A cold world we live in… but there is always some saving grace.


Starting with the truth. By educating the underprivileged about the constructs that have been built against them, we can all begin to overcome our perceived social boundaries. While raising hell in the streets is important to getting the message across, teaching is the most revolutionary thing we can do. This creates an army of intellects who have been historically overlooked because they didn’t fit the “status quo” which can ultimately go on to influence a nation that’s globally respected as a leader in economic and social theory.


Easier said than done, but if history truly repeats itself, it’ll happen eventually. Something to look forward to! .. that is.. until the world freezes over and humanity starts over.

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