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Stand for something

A wise man once said, “Revolution is not the answer” because corruption within entropy exists beyond the grasp of mankind. Everything designed is bound to be flawed… 

We can preach peace; but things will never be perfect in a world where war is a distinct characteristic of mankind. If you're scared, go to church; for these reasons we enact our second amendment right to arm ourselves. The progressive claims that the duty of society is to limit and diminish bloodshed in our communities; the conservative claims that our natural state must be willing to die to protect the justified values of freedom and liberty. Which is true? Can we have both?? Is faith worth having in a world that’s so cold? Will the real slim shady please stand up??


Those are all valid questions. We are going to approach this the best way we know how… completely blind. The important thing is to not take anything too seriously. Put stress to rest, and find ways to progress.


From the ground up, it starts with our community. Revolution is a human condition, we just gotta wait till the capital supremacist foundation of our current democracy fails. When preparation meets opportunity, we’ll be ready to defend our core values to rebuild a better system. BELIEVE THAT

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