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Name of the Game

War veterans, ex-convicts, mentally disabled... mothers, fathers, and children alike. The homeless crisis which sweeps humanity from coast to coast is a disheartening reality check on the state of human welfare. Oppression in the most subjugated form of today's society.  Who is to represent those that cannot speak? 


The reality of blame should fall on capital supremacists, but since they own the means to control perspective, our civilization has come dangerously close to accepting homelessness as a problem that will never be solved. “Human Rights” are laws of fan fiction. The current system is built on a foundation which romanticizes militarization, free labor, and the necessity of oppression. Our cultural development will never reach its full potential if we choose to ignore the truth of our origins. But the fight doesn't stop at homelessness. We are at a war: a war with terrorism, racism, and MOST OF ALL, we are at war with ourself. 


What was once a side project to convey creativity turned into a vision for the future. Through care-package campaigns and conversations, vulnerable groups of marginalized demographics have an opportunity to feel seen; to feel heard and respected. Help-the-Homeless is simply a channel to engage the public in the idea that being a kind, giving person is enough to fulfill our everlasting destitute on this earth. Content provided is not an outlet for publicity, but rather a path to follow for those looking to make a difference in this world. 


Addressing the criticism: No, these projects don’t provide shelter. No, these projects don’t provide jobs. No, these projects can’t provide for an entire community. What WILL help achieve those standards is: a leader that will set an agenda which prioritizes social welfare, an economic system that promotes equity, and a moral tithe within our community to provide food, water, and shelter for all... 

Although the impact of our care packages is modest at best, the overarching goal to influence a nation will continue to develop the core ideology through various community service efforts and networking.   

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